Show FAQ

What is this?

Make It Then Tell Everybody is a podcast where Dan Berry (a British cartoonist and lecturer) talks to other cartoonists and creative people about how they do what they do.

How do you choose who gets interviewed?

I choose people based on how interested I am in their work, them as a person and whether or not I think they’ll be interesting to talk to.

Can you interview me?

Hmmmmmaaaybe. I don’t mind people suggesting guests, or even pitching themselves as a guest. BUT. Compare yourself to the other guests I’ve had on the show. If you’ve never heard of them, listen to their interview, they are all good I assure you. If you are as good an artist as the average of these people, then sure, drop me a line. If you are just looking for some cheap publicity for your very first black & white zine (for example) then don’t bother, I’ll more than likely say no.

I want to complain about the sound quality

Well of course you do. You’ve perhaps grown used to listening to slick commercial radio productions, audiobooks and other professional audio endeavours. What I do is very cheap, very fast and still an incredible amount of work each week. I’d love to record each interview in a professional studio each week, but by and large, I record these over Skype or FaceTime. I don’t get any control over the quality of the connection, the guest’s audio equipment or any other unforeseen technical challenges. So if you don’t like it, don’t listen. If you really want to help improve it, pledge to the Patreon campaign which will help buy better equipment, allow me to travel to do them in person and generally make the production of the show easier.

Where’d you get those sweet moves?

A bit of nature, a bit of nurture. Thanks for noticing my sweet moves!