Graham Annable

Graham Annable and Dan Berry talk about his career in comics and animation, co-directing an oscar-nominated animated feature film and more »

Sophie Goldstein

Sophie Goldstein and Dan Berry get together to talk about baby steps & big leaps forward, ways of talking and more »

Andy Poyiadgi

Andy Poyiadgi and Dan Berry get together to talk about how directing films and drawing comics cross over, confidence and more »

Patrick Crotty

Patrick Crotty of Peow! Studios and Dan Berry talk about publishing and running a print shop, starting small, money and marketing. more »

Ryan Cecil Smith

Ryan Cecil Smith and Dan Berry talk about finding your voice, drawing with purpose, self publishing, risograph and how nobody more »

Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel and Dan Berry talk amongst other things about science fiction, editing an anthology and the new generation of more »

Zainab Akhtar, Laura Snapes & Douglas Wolk

Zainab Akhtar, Laura Snapes & Douglas Wolk talk journalism and its crossover between comics and music with Dan Berry. Recorded at more »

Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud and Dan Berry talk about how Scott got into comics, the artistic potential of comics, getting the urge more »

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey

  Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Dan Berry get together to talk about interactive comics and hyperfiction, incorporating sound into interactive more »

Dan Berry

Dan Berry gets the interview tables turned on him in episode 100 by Hannah Berry (no relation) and talks about more »

Josh Bayer

Josh Bayer and Dan Berry get together and talk about art school, intuition and changing the conversation you have with more »

Hope Larson

Hope Larson and Dan Berry talk about getting into and out of comics, burnout, writing stories and the more »

Kevin Huizenga

Kevin Huizenga and Dan Berry talk about rituals, creativity and process. Check out the Patreon campaign and help support the show! Download this more »

Jess Fink

Jess Fink and Dan Berry talk about autobiography, erotica, getting work done, developing a process and drawing with confidence. Check more »

Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham and Dan Berry talk about the comics crash of the 1990s, the links between creativity and self esteem, more »

Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm and Dan Berry talk world building, hiding your compromises, maintaining consistency, making comics and then telling everybody about those comics. more »

Vera Brosgol

Vera Brosgol and Dan Berry talk about getting into, out of, and then back into drawing, storyboarding & storytelling and the more »

Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki and Dan Berry talk amongst other things about ideas, the evolution of a style and faith. Check out more »

Cathy G Johnson

Cathy G Johnson and Dan Berry get together to talk about ideas, the creative process, “romance”, curating an event and more »

Neil Slorance

Neil Slorance and Dan Berry sit down to talk about process, working with a writer, reviews and being part of more »