Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler and Dan Berry talk about his work, staying busy, learning and what creativity is and how it works. Check out this episode!

Neill Cameron

Neill Cameron and Dan Berry talk about getting better at art, developing your taste, collaborative work and a walkabout in the outback. Check out this episode!

Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson and Dan Berry talk about his new book Angie Bongiolatti, his process and his thoughts on conventions. Check out this episode!

Garen Ewing

Garen Ewing and Dan Berry talk about the days before the internet, artistic insecurity, the deep pit of research, pacing a page of comics and believability vs realism. Check out this episode!

John Allison

John Allison and Dan Berry talk about his new book, multitasking and achieving the transcendent out of body state of zen drawing. Check out this episode!

Paul Duffield

Paul Duffield and Dan Berry talk about his process, visual literacy, his Patreon campaign for The Firelight Isle and of course a bodybuilding koala. Check out Paul drawing a page from The Firelight Isle on youtube. Click here to have more »

Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz and Dan Berry talk about the links money & creativity, alcoholism & comics and abandoned asylums & comics amongst other things. Julia is the author of The Fart Party vols 1 & 2, Drinking at the Movies more »

Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden and Dan Berry talk about her non fiction work as personal memoir or examination of journalism, the challenges of depicting yourself in comics as opposed to depicting real people and the challenges of more »

Christopher Hastings

Christopher Hastings and Dan Berry talk about his education in comics, building and maintaining an audience for his webcomic The Adventures of Dr McNinja and his work for Marvel. Check out this episode

Gary Northfield

Gary Northfield and Dan Berry chat amongst other things about developing a loose style, how his career has progressed and his drawing tools. Check out this episode

Tula Lotay, Lisa Wood, Philippa Rice, Viv Schwarz & Martin Steenton

This was recorded at the Volume Publishing Fair at the fancy new Library of Birmingham, featuring Tula Lotay, Lisa Wood, Philippa Rice, Viv Schwarz and Martin Steenton talking to Dan Berry. This is without a more »

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll and Dan Berry talk about the rules of drawing comics, the difference between working for yourself and someone else and horror that is human and universal. Check out this episode

Michael Deforge

Michael Deforge and Dan Berry chat about his approach to drawing and writing, the development of his style and his work on Adventure Time. Check out this episode

Hunt Emerson

Hunt Emerson and Dan Berry talk at his studio in Birmingham about his entry into the underground comix world, erotica, drawing as a job and Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Hunt Emerson.  more »

Pat Grant

Pat Grant and Dan Berry talk about academic writing, Pat’s creative process, his background and about comics storytelling that leaves the page. Check out his book Blue here and Toormina Video here. Check out this more »

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown and Dan Berry talk in front of a live audience in an acoustically challenged room at the excellent Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. Talking points include getting into comics, four-point advice for aspiring more »

Andy Diggle

Andy Diggle and Dan Berry talk about Andy’s entry into comics, his time as editor of 2000 AD, his writing process and the idea of parameters or constraints in his work and the shape of more »

Adam Cadwell

Adam Cadwell and Dan Berry talk about autobiography, developing as an artist in public and organising things like Great Beast and the British Comic Awards. Check out this episode

PJ Holden

PJ Holden and Dan Berry talk about career false starts, self doubt, climbing the metaphorical Mount Dredd and his Loki-esque tendencies. Check out this episode

Lizz Lunney

Lizz Lunney and Dan Berry talk about jokes, ideas and how animals can say things that humans can’t. Check out this episode