Luke Kruger-Howard

Luke Kruger-Howard and Dan Berry talk about developing and using a style, putting yourself back together and the idea of emotional

Tor Freeman

Tor Freeman and Dan Berry chat about developing a work ethic, improvising stories and the hierarchy of art tools.

Ngozi Ukazu Returns

Ngozi Ukazu and Dan Berry chat about being between projects, what and who your stories are for and what makes great

Matt Madden

Matt madden and Dan Berry talk about the challenges of being a mid-career cartoonist, exercises in style and

Joey Weiser

Joey Weiser and Dan Berry chat about the production treadmill, maintaining focus and giving yourself room to be creative. 

Jenny Robins

Jenny Robins and Dan Berry chat about drawing every brick, the importance of community and drawing like everyone (or

Sabba Khan

Sabba Khan and Dan Berry chat about signing up to precariousness, drawing ideas rather than things and how language

Ben Towle

Ben Towle and Dan Berry chat about teaching, working with reference, finding shortcuts and loosening up. Ben’s new book Four-Fisted

Michael Sweater

Michael Sweater and Dan Berry chat about what ‘normal’ is, asking permission and how everything is do-able. Check

Zara Slattery

Zara Slattery and Dan Berry talk about the evolution of a style, where shape and reference intersect and needing

Shelly Bond and Laura Hole

Shelly Bond and Laura Hole join Dan Berry to talk about Filth & Grammar (Kickstarter link here!), the book they are working

John Tucker

and Dan Berry chat about the challenges in mixing dexterity and intellect, making everything as easy as possible for yourself and the arrogance/confidence of comedy. Check out John’s podcast that made Dan laugh so much he couldn’t ride his bike up a…

Tom Hart

Tom Hart and Dan Berry talk about running a comics school, the different kinds of practice and the question

Louie Stowell

Louie Stowell and Dan Berry chat about the different corners of publishing how there’s no single version of a

Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke and Dan Berry chat about going freelance, working with others and the importance (or not) of tools.

Eleri Harris

Eleri Harris and Dan Berry talk all about having a multi-faceted career, the role of truth in journalism,

Talking About Teaching with Danielle Corsetto

This episode is a bit of a break from the norm, with Danielle Corsetto and Dan Berry discussing


MariNaomi and Dan Berry talk about applying lessons learned from autobiography to fiction, characters as catharsis and burning out.

Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith and Dan Berry talk about drawing comics in quarantine, what agents do and how much of yourself

Dapo Adeola

Dapo Adeola and Dan Berry chat about the difference between character design and illustration, the joy of linework and being kind