Chris Baldie

Chris Baldie and Dan Berry talk about kickstarter, style and Parisian rooftops.  Check out the kickstarter for Chris’s

Zoe Thorogood

Zoe Thorogood and Dan Berry chat about Zoe’s process, coming to terms with imperfection and intense schedules. Check

Joe Latham

Joe Latham and Dan Berry talk about his process, the story that sits in your subconscious and manipulating your

Woodrow Phoenix

Woodrow Phoenix returns to the podcast to talk about commercial art, teaching, narrative storytelling and cars.  Support the

Tony Cliff pt 2

In part 2 of their conversation, Tony Cliff and Dan Berry talk about software, hardware and get grumpy about subscription

Tony Cliff pt 1

In part 1 of their conversation, Tony Cliff and Dan Berry talk about how you make money making graphic novels,

Shelby Criswell

Shelby Criswell and Dan Berry chat about style, education, making a comic a month and preparing for a big

Hope Larson

Hope Larson returns to chat with Dan Berry about being a parent, trusting your editor and keeping it

Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong and Dan Berry talk about spontaneity, the shape of the story that lives inside everyone’s head and

Charlot Kristensen

Charlot Kristensen and Dan Berry chat about leaving a place of comfort, creative processes and what we don’t talk about. Help

Gustaffo Vargas

Gustaffo Vargas and Dan Berry chat about cooking, self-worth and getting excited about getting excited. Support the show on Patreon!

Sophie Yanow

Sophie Yanow and Dan Berry chat about fictional autobiography, staying accountable and sticking to a schedule, styles and constraint and building

Robyn Smith

Robyn Smith and Dan Berry chat all about the struggle to get into drawing comics, the joy of body language and


Christina ‘Steenz’ Stewart and Dan Berry chat about syndication, education and table-top role playing games. Help support the show

Shelly Bond

Shelly Bond and Dan Berry talk about the practicalities of being an editor; what it does and doesn’t entail,

Danny Noble

Danny Noble and Dan Berry talk about how writing can feel natural and drawing can feel like problem solving,

Nick Abadzis Returns

Nick’s first time on the podcast was in 2014, and he returns to talk about working as an artist

Lucy Bellwood pt. 2

Lucy Bellwood and Dan Berry continue chatting about burnout, imposter syndrome and mid-career slumps. This is part two of a two-part

Lucy Bellwood Pt. 1

Lucy Bellwood returns to talk to Dan Berry about woodwork, letting people in and running away to the

Hanco Kolk

Hanco Kolk and Dan Berry chat about that time they spent teaching comics on a hundred year old boat, storytelling and