The last episode

Maybe you’ve already heard, maybe this is how you find out, but this is the last episode of

Made it, Told Everyone

I’m ending the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast. It’s been around for a little over ten years and


Cab and Dan Berry chat about graphic design’s role in comics, having a guide and making new comics from

Kristen Haas Curtis

Kristen Haas Curtis and Dan Berry talk about Chaucer, chickens, adaptations that go beyond storytelling and growing new brains. You can

Luke Healy

Luke Healy and Dan Berry chat about their differing levels of prep and saving time and effort, standup comedy

Jeremy Sorese

Jeremy Sorese and Dan Berry chat about moments of creative change and development, the challenge of teaching and art


Boum and Dan Berry talk about the joys of hourly comics, figuring out backgrounds and The Jellyfish. Check out; Boum’s portfolio, Boumeries, buy some

Craig D Adams

Craig D Adams of Superbrothers and Dan Berry chat about the making of the new game JETT: The Far

Carey Pietsch

Carey Pietsch and Dan Berry chat about being a trusting collaborator, showing your working out and visualising the story in your

Lauren Weinstein

Lauren Weinstein and Dan Berry talk about drawing with digital tools, creating fiction out of someone else’s truth and joining the

Lyndon White

Lyndon White and Dan Berry talk about redrawing a book because you levelled up, accidentally becoming a teacher and

Luke Kruger-Howard

Luke Kruger-Howard and Dan Berry talk about developing and using a style, putting yourself back together and the idea of emotional

Tor Freeman

Tor Freeman and Dan Berry chat about developing a work ethic, improvising stories and the hierarchy of art tools.

Ngozi Ukazu Returns

Ngozi Ukazu and Dan Berry chat about being between projects, what and who your stories are for and what makes great

Matt Madden

Matt madden and Dan Berry talk about the challenges of being a mid-career cartoonist, exercises in style and

Joey Weiser

Joey Weiser and Dan Berry chat about the production treadmill, maintaining focus and giving yourself room to be creative. 

Jenny Robins

Jenny Robins and Dan Berry chat about drawing every brick, the importance of community and drawing like everyone (or

Sabba Khan

Sabba Khan and Dan Berry chat about signing up to precariousness, drawing ideas rather than things and how language

Ben Towle

Ben Towle and Dan Berry chat about teaching, working with reference, finding shortcuts and loosening up. Ben’s new book Four-Fisted

Michael Sweater

Michael Sweater and Dan Berry chat about what ‘normal’ is, asking permission and how everything is do-able. Check