Paul Savage

Paul Savage and Dan Berry chat about comedy, comics, Dan’s problem with puns and being a full-time uncle. Consider

Chris Gooch

Chris Gooch and Dan Berry chat about the making of Chris’ new book Under Earth (available from Top Shelf

John Allison

John Allison and Dan Berry talk about sleep, enduring a terrible year and get very deep into talking about swearing. Consider

Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry returns to talk to Dan about the recent Comics Creators Survey that she put into motion, unions, what doesn’t get

Sam Hardacre

Sam Hardacre and Dan Berry talk about getting started drawing comics, parenthood, mortality and process. Support the show on

Hannah Eaton

Hannah Eaton and Dan Berry chat about folk horror, diagrammatic plots, the crossover between comedy and comics and

Dan Berry

In the 200th episode of Make It Then Tell Everybody, the tables are turned and Dan is interviewed

Emma Evans

Emma Evans and Dan Berry talk about making comics during a pandemic, creative processes and running a kickstarter

Chris Baldie

Chris Baldie and Dan Berry talk about kickstarter, style and Parisian rooftops.  Check out the kickstarter for Chris’s

Zoe Thorogood

Zoe Thorogood and Dan Berry chat about Zoe’s process, coming to terms with imperfection and intense schedules. Check

Joe Latham

Joe Latham and Dan Berry talk about his process, the story that sits in your subconscious and manipulating your

Woodrow Phoenix

Woodrow Phoenix returns to the podcast to talk about commercial art, teaching, narrative storytelling and cars.  Support the

Tony Cliff pt 2

In part 2 of their conversation, Tony Cliff and Dan Berry talk about software, hardware and get grumpy about subscription

Tony Cliff pt 1

In part 1 of their conversation, Tony Cliff and Dan Berry talk about how you make money making graphic novels,

Shelby Criswell

Shelby Criswell and Dan Berry chat about style, education, making a comic a month and preparing for a big

Hope Larson

Hope Larson returns to chat with Dan Berry about being a parent, trusting your editor and keeping it

Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong and Dan Berry talk about spontaneity, the shape of the story that lives inside everyone’s head and

Charlot Kristensen

Charlot Kristensen and Dan Berry chat about leaving a place of comfort, creative processes and what we don’t talk about. Help

Gustaffo Vargas

Gustaffo Vargas and Dan Berry chat about cooking, self-worth and getting excited about getting excited. Support the show on Patreon!

Sophie Yanow

Sophie Yanow and Dan Berry chat about fictional autobiography, staying accountable and sticking to a schedule, styles and constraint and building