Leah Moore

Leah Moore and Dan Berry chat about getting into comics without getting a leg up, working with ideas, using

Rich Hardiman, CPUK

Rich Hardiman of Comicprintinguk.com chats with Dan Berry about all things print – planning a book, working within constraints, colour

January 2020 Patron Q&A

Here’s the January 2020 Patron-exclusive Q&A. Sign up at Patreon at any level to access this post.

Hannah Berry, Comics Laureate

Hannah Berry returns to the podcast to talk with Dan Berry (no relation) about the realities of making

Charlie Adlard

Charlie Adlard and Dan Berry get together in Dan’s studio to talk about life after The Walking Dead, life drawing, the

Joana Mosi

Joana Mosi and Dan Berry chat about education (both being educated and being an educator), finding and using inspiration,

B. Mure

B. Mure and Dan Berry get together to chat about asking for the things you want, working in a

Marc Ellerby

Marc Ellerby and Dan Berry chat about mental health and deciding to quit, working on licensed projects and doing your own

Lucy Sullivan

Lucy Sullivan and Dan Berry chat about mental health, modern folklore and the process behind her upcoming book Barking. http://traffic.libsyn.com/mitte/163_Lucy_Sullivan.mp3Podcast: Play

Casey Nowak

Casey Nowak and Dan Berry chat about tools, making money and finding efficiencies in your process. Consider supporting the

James Albon Returns

James Albon and Dan Berry talk about James’ new book, A Shining Beacon and get deep into process-chat, talking about pencils,

An Update!

Hi. Dan here. So you may have noticed that the podcast has been undergoing some kind of hiatus

Emma Vieceli

Emma Vieceli and Dan Berry talk about running a kickstarter campaign, staying healthy and Existential Dread.  Check out Emma’s

Tim Bird

Tim Bird and Dan Berry chat about being qualified for your hobby, the development of a style and taking

Kat Chapman

Kat Chapman and Dan Berry talk about training for the marathon of a graphic novel, training yourself not

Lucie Bryon

Lucie Bryonand Dan Berry get together to talk about diary comics, breaking fourth walls and the multitude of

Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowieand Dan Berrychat about observational comics, artistic voices and spying. Please consider supporting the show on Patreon. No

Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley and Dan Berry get together to talk about classic cartooning and comic books, growing up in public and preferring

Christian Ward

Christian Ward and Dan Berry get together to talk about Christian’s journey to, from and back to comics, teaching, storytelling and

Kristyna Baczynski Returns

Kristyna Baczynski returns to chat with Dan Berry about creative cycles, having someone champion your work, iPads and