John Tucker

and Dan Berry chat about the challenges in mixing dexterity and intellect, making everything as easy as possible for yourself and the arrogance/confidence of comedy. Check out John’s podcast that made Dan laugh so much he couldn’t ride his bike up a…

Tom Hart

Tom Hart and Dan Berry talk about running a comics school, the different kinds of practice and the question

Louie Stowell

Louie Stowell and Dan Berry chat about the different corners of publishing how there’s no single version of a

Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke and Dan Berry chat about going freelance, working with others and the importance (or not) of tools.

Eleri Harris

Eleri Harris and Dan Berry talk all about having a multi-faceted career, the role of truth in journalism,

Talking About Teaching with Danielle Corsetto

This episode is a bit of a break from the norm, with Danielle Corsetto and Dan Berry discussing


MariNaomi and Dan Berry talk about applying lessons learned from autobiography to fiction, characters as catharsis and burning out.

Rachael Smith

Rachael Smith and Dan Berry talk about drawing comics in quarantine, what agents do and how much of yourself

Dapo Adeola

Dapo Adeola and Dan Berry chat about the difference between character design and illustration, the joy of linework and being kind

Richard Short

Richard Short and Dan Berry take about having a streamlined process, understanding your characters and not letting them

Christine Larsen

Christine Larsen and Dan Berry talk about tools, finding a style and finding a voice. Christine has a Patreon, check

Campbell Whyte

Campbell Whyte and Dan Berry chat about shifting styles to stay excited with a project, the intention behind

Lizzie Kaye

Lizzie Kaye of Cast Iron Books and Dan Berry chat about publishing, editing, having something to say and

Keef Knight

Keef Knight, Gentleman Cartoonist and Dan Berry chat (amongst other things) about stepping back, working solo vs working as

Paul Savage

Paul Savage and Dan Berry chat about comedy, comics, Dan’s problem with puns and being a full-time uncle. Consider

Chris Gooch

Chris Gooch and Dan Berry chat about the making of Chris’ new book Under Earth (available from Top Shelf

John Allison

John Allison and Dan Berry talk about sleep, enduring a terrible year and get very deep into talking about swearing. Consider

Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry returns to talk to Dan about the recent Comics Creators Survey that she put into motion, unions, what doesn’t get

Sam Hardacre

Sam Hardacre and Dan Berry talk about getting started drawing comics, parenthood, mortality and process. Support the show on

Hannah Eaton

Hannah Eaton and Dan Berry chat about folk horror, diagrammatic plots, the crossover between comedy and comics and