Hey can I advertise my thing on your show?

Nope. Sorry. Don’t run ads.

Hello podcaster! let me introduce myse-

Whoops, your enquiry went straight to my trash because you didn’t bother to learn my name. Someone once wrote to me “Hey Content Creator!” Shudder.

Can I be a guest on your show?

Maybe? It kinda depends on why you want to be a guest, really. The majority of the enquiries I get go unanswered if I’m honest. Usually for a few reasons – often they are from people who’ve obviously not listened to the show and have misjudged it’s tone, structure or content. Sometimes they are from folk who have something to sell – a kickstarter or new book. This is sometimes fine, but if it’s all there is to talk about, that can get pretty dull pretty quick. What else is going on? Are there other things you can talk about at length in an interesting and engaging way? I’m way more interested in that to be honest.

An immediate ‘ughhh NO’ is to the enquiry I get distressingly often that goes something along the lines of

‘I’m X, the visionary genius and creator of (insert name of hot media property). To bring my genius vision to life, I hired a writer and an artist to do the boring bits and to launch my kickstarter I want to come on your show and tell everyone how great I am.’

No thanks.