Lauren Weinstein

Lauren Weinstein and Dan Berry talk about drawing with digital tools, creating fiction out of someone else’s truth and joining the $10 club.

Buy the print version of Lauren’s book The Gift of Time. All proceeds goes to the survivors of domestic violence at Town Clock CDC.  https://www.townclockcdc.org/comic 

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Shelly Bond and Laura Hole

Shelly Bond and Laura Hole join Dan Berry to talk about Filth & Grammar (Kickstarter link here!), the book they are working on that collects the thirty+ years of experience in editing comics that Shelly has. Topics covered also include putting together a team, following your convictions and ‘Editorial Bloodthirst‘.

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John Tucker

John Tucker and Dan Berry chat about the challenges in mixing dexterity and intellect, making everything as easy as possible for yourself and the arrogance/confidence of comedy.

Check out John’s podcast This Foul Earth that made Dan laugh so much he couldn’t ride his bike up a gentle hill. He also has a digital collection of all his books on gumroad for £5.

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