Sarah Bowie

2019-04-11 18:34:30

Sarah Bowieand Dan Berrychat about observational comics, artistic voices and spying.

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Music by the astonishing Jim Guthrie.

Edited and Produced by Simon Berry. 

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Christian Ward

2019-03-28 19:39:44

Christian Ward and Dan Berry get together to talk about Christian’s journey to, from and back to comics, teaching, storytelling and climbing that ladder.

Please consider supporting the show on Patreon. No episode, no charge, no obligation! $1 per episode isn’t so bad eh?

Music by the astonishing Jim Guthrie.

Edited and Produced by Dan’s tiny* baby** brother Simon Berry. 

Simon would like it known that although he is my younger brother he is both
* taller than me
** a full grown adult man.

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2017-05-10 19:30:26

I realised that a bunch of people I’ve interviewed over the years will be at TCAF this year. TCAF is one of my all-time favourite shows, and Toronto is one of my all-time favourite places largely because it is full of some of my all-time favourite people. Even if, like me, you can’t make it this year, check out these shows from the past few years.

Hopefully this helps you connect with and discover some great creators. If I’ve missed anyone, drop me a line and I’ll get it updated.

Annie Koyama
Annie Koyama of Koyama Press and Dan Berry get together to talk about how publishing works, the life of a book, how
Read more.
Becca Tobin
Becca Tobin and Dan Berry talk tools, fluidity, sandwiches and pagefright. Check out this episode! →
Read more.
Box Brown
Box Brown and Dan Berry sit down to chat about the links between storytelling and wrestling, getting into drawing comics and the
Read more.
Britt Wilson
Britt Wilson and Dan Berry talk about process, loosening up, being particular and having good taste. Check out this episode!
Read more.
Charlie Adlard
Dan Berry speaks with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard about his process, how he got started in the comics industry
Read more.
Christopher Butcher
Christopher Butcher, Director of the Toronto Comic Art Festival (amongst other things) talks to Dan Berry about how TCAF works, how his
Read more.
Dustin Harbin
Dustin Harbin and Dan Berry talk at length about doing art better, what the proper collective noun for a group
Read more.
Eleanor Davis
Eleanor Davis talks from the comfort and security of a blanket fort to Dan Berry about hard work, getting better
Read more.
Evan Dahm
Evan Dahm and Dan Berry talk world building, hiding your compromises, maintaining consistency, making comics and then telling everybody about those comics. Check out
Read more.
James Albon
James Albon and Dan Berry get together to talk about education, creative processes and what a style is & what
Read more.
Jesse Jacobs
Jesse Jacobs and Dan Berry’s conversation about process, stories, sketchbooks and wilderness confection is made all the more dramatic by being recorded
Read more.
Jillian Tamaki
Jillian Tamaki and Dan Berry talk amongst other things about ideas, the evolution of a style and faith. Check out the Patreon
Read more.
Joe Decie
Joe Decie talks to Dan Berry about his partially true autobiographical comics, whether or not he really has a dog,
Read more.
Joe Decie Returns
Joe Decie and Dan Berry get back together to talk about Joe’s new big book ‘Collecting Sticks’, working with an
Read more.
John Martz
John Martz and Dan Berry talk about his work, tools, the differences between intuitive and planned drawing and the influential illustration
Read more.
Justin Martzbin
John Martz & Dustin Harbin talk to Dan Berry about the worst, most hackneyed interview question you can ask a creative person. I
Read more.
Kevin Huizenga
Kevin Huizenga and Dan Berry talk about rituals, creativity and process. Check out the Patreon campaign and help support the show! Download this episode →
Read more.
Michael Deforge
Michael Deforge and Dan Berry chat about his approach to drawing and writing, the development of his style and his
Read more.
Neil Slorance
Neil Slorance and Dan Berry sit down to talk about process, working with a writer, reviews and being part of a creative
Read more.
Ngozi Ukazu
Ngozi Ukazu and Dan Berry get together to talk about building an audience, building your ability and attracting the muse.
Read more.
Noah Van Sciver
Noah Van Sciver and Dan Berry talk about selling books, style, planning a project and money. Podcast: Play in
Read more.
Patrick Crotty
Patrick Crotty of Peow! Studios and Dan Berry talk about publishing and running a print shop, starting small, money and marketing. Check out
Read more.
Phil McAndrew
Phil McAndrew and Dan Berry talk about pitching a tv show, the similarities between working with an idea and squishing a bug and
Read more.
Ryan North
Ryan North and Dan Berry talk about writing Dinosaur Comics comic for ten years, writing the Adventure Time comics, the
Read more.
Simon Hanselmann
Simon Hanselmann and Dan Berry get together to talk about food colouring, rivalries, crossdressing and the idea of your career
Read more.
Sloane Leong
Sloane Leong and Dan Berry get together to talk about finding and keeping an audience, getting brutal criticism and what you think about
Read more.



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Back soon!

2015-10-26 08:46:39

Hi everybody. Here’s a quick update on everything Make/Tell. I took September off working on the show so that my alter-ego Dan Berry the cartoonist/illustrator could meet all his deadlines. September soon turned into October too, so the show will be returning refreshed, full of vigour and raring to go in November. Thanks for sticking with me. It has been the absolute most busy I’ve ever been.

I also want to tease you with rumours of a new podcast launching soon in the Make/Tell universe. If Make It Then Tell Everybody is a show about everything that goes into the creative process, this new show is about everything that doesn’t. It’s a lot of fun to record and my co-host Hannah Berry (no relation) and I think you’ll really like it. It is silly. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s going to be a website/twitter launching in the next couple of weeks.

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2015-05-01 05:51:28

The Toronto Comic Art Festival takes place on the 9th & 10th May and I’ll be going! Here is a list of former Make/Tell interviewees that will also be exhibiting. I hope I’ve not missed anyone off! Listen to their interviews and then go along (if you can) and say hello! I’m there as part of ‘It’s Nice Out’ a showcase of commissioned work from the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, showing off some stuff I’ve been woking on and launching the 24 by 7 book collecting 7 24 hour comics I edited last year. I’m really looking forward to it!

Kristyna Baczynski (interview here)

Box Brown (interview here)

Christopher Butcher (interview here)

Eleanor Davis (interview here)

Joe Decie (interview here)

Michael Deforge (interview here)

Oliver East (interview here)

Jonathan Edwards (interview here)

Hunt Emerson (interview here)

Felt Mistress (interview here)

Jess Fink (interview here)

Dustin Harbin (interview here, here)

Jesse Jacobs (interview here)

Cathy G. Johnson (interview here)

Annie Koyama (interview here)

Patrick Kyle (interview here)

Joe List (interview here)

John Martz (interview here)

Phil McAndrew (interview here)

Scott McCloud (interview here)

Simon Moreton (interview here)

John Porcellino (interview here)

Jason Shiga (interview here)

Neil Slorance (interview here)

Jillian Tamaki (interview here)

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