Newsletter, Money, Be Specific.

Ok, here’s a couple of things. I’ve put together the means to send out a monthly newsletter. It’ll have a recap of the month’s episodes, some behind the scenes stuff, happenings and updates on all things Make/Tell. It will possibly be the best damned email newsletter you’ve ever signed up to. Think of it like a newspaper that gets emailed to you or a pen-pal you don’t really write back to or one of those family letters that get sent out at christmas, only every month. Perfect. There’s a handy box in the sidebar just to the right here, so go and do that.

I’m drumming up donations to help cover the cost of travelling to do more interviews in person. I think you can tell from the shows so far that I prefer chatting face to face. Not only do I get more control over the sound quality, it’s much nicer to talk to someone in person instead of through a screen. If you like the idea of this, donate whatever you want to help me do this. If you are completely happy with the show exactly as it is, then still consider donating a quid or two. It costs me money to do this show, and your donations mean I get to keep doing it. What I’d really like is for people to set up a recurring donation so I can plan stuff ahead. That’d be cool.

Talking of planning ahead, I’m planning on producing a handful of shorter more polished shows on specific themes. It should be fun. The working title for these is ‘Be Specific’.

So in summary, give me your email address and your money and I’ll keep recording myself talking to people.