Patreon Funding

I’ve been exploring ways of trying to help pay for the podcast for a while now, so I’ve set up a Patreon page.

Patreon is a relatively new site that helps people fund the creators that they like. It basically works on strength in numbers so here’s what I’m asking for.

If you want to (this is all entirely optional) then you can opt to donate a dollar or two (a dollar is about £0.60 at the moment of writing) for each new episode of Make It Then Tell Everybody that I do. The idea is that enough people get on board that individually, the amount is barely noticeable, but to me on the receiving end, it will make a huge difference. To cover all my hosting costs, I’d need about $40 a month. Anything more than that goes towards an equipment upgrade and travel to do interviews in person. The holy grail of this is to get enough people donating that I can afford to get each episode transcribed. Not only would it be a valuable resource for reference, it would mean that the podcast would be accessible to deaf people too. That sounds like a good idea to me. Wouldn’t you like to help me do that? Head over to the Patreon page and give it a read.