4 thoughts on “Simon Hanselmann

  1. I think most people who follow Simon’s work know who his favorite British publisher is:) Can’t wait

  2. Dan says:

    Yeah, it’s not difficult to figure out!

  3. Great interview, and Simon is such a cool person.

    I was very excited when he talked about friendly rivalry and competition, because that’s the exact same thing that I constantly look for. I love it when my friends make new comics, it’s really a thing that drives me forward, not just inspiration-wise, but productivity-wise. I’ve also noticed that this feeling is weaker when it’s people I don’t know at all, because then I feel sort of detached from their productivity and success. Thus, making new friends in the comics industry actually has a direct impact on productivity, and that’s awesome.

  4. Dan says:

    That’s interesting, I’d not thought of it that way before!

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