Jason Chatfield

Jason Chatfield and Dan Berry talk about Covid infections, drawing tools and being president of the National Cartoonists Society.

Jason has a podcast with Scott Dooley called Is There Something In This? Check it out!

We also talk a little about the brass pens I make. If so inclined, you can buy one here.

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Ben Passmore

Ben Passmore and Dan Berry chat about punk, drawing, what you don’t see, being sued and fixing cars.

Ben has a new book out with Koyama Press called Sports is Hell. 

As mentioned in this episode, there are still people going through the lawsuit Ben mentioned. If you can, consider donating to help them pay their legal bills here.

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Rich Hardiman, CPUK

Rich Hardiman of Comicprintinguk.com chats with Dan Berry about all things print – planning a book, working within constraints, colour models, bleed and binding. All that good stuff.

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Hannah Berry, Comics Laureate

Hannah Berry returns to the podcast to talk with Dan Berry (no relation) about the realities of making a living in comics, being a parent and being an advocate for comics. 

This episode features some un-bleeped swearing.

In the picture, you can see Hannah, former Laureate Charlie and The Cape.

For those that are interested, Hannah and I are running a short course entitled Building Comics in North Wales at the end of September.