Phil McAndrew

Phil McAndrew and Dan Berry talk about pitching a tv show, the similarities between working with an idea and squishing a bug and Super Obvious Secrets. Head over to the Make/Tell Patreon page to help support the show

Annie Koyama

Annie Koyama of Koyama Press and Dan Berry get together to talk about how publishing works, the life of a book, how Annie became a publisher accidentally, trusting taste and taking risks. Consider supporting the show with more »

Andrew Fulton

Andrew Fulton and Dan Berry talk about quality of line, thinking with drawing and minicomics. We’ve also teamed up to give one of you listeners the chance to win a year’s subscription to the Minicomic Of The more »

Nick Abadzis

Nick Abadzis and Dan Berry talk about ideas, the development of a style, motivation, work ethic and letting a story reveal itself to you as you write it. Check out this episode!

Justin Martzbin

John Martz & Dustin Harbin talk to Dan Berry about the worst, most hackneyed interview question you can ask a creative person. I can’t even type it in here, it is that bad. Download this episode!

Jason Shiga

Jason Shiga and Dan Berry talk about writing stories and the tendency to start writing the biggest stories, money, mathematics and choose your own adventure books. Go and read Jason’s webcomic Demon from ther start here. more »

Simon Moreton

Simon Moreton talks to Dan Berry about his work and the three Ms; Memoir, Memory and Minimalism. Simon has a new book coming out from Avery Hill Press soon, perhaps you should buy it. Also check out more »

Christopher Butcher

Christopher Butcher, Director of the Toronto Comic Art Festival (amongst other things) talks to Dan Berry about how TCAF works, how his various jobs overlap and what it is like to feel responsible for over 400 cartoonists more »

FAQ Number One

A few days ago on twitter I mentioned I was going to put together a frequently asked questions page for this site, which prompted amongst others the questions below. I’ve answered them from my perspective and more »

Adam Murphy

Adam Murphy and Dan Berry talk about working with rules, honesty, story structure, audiences and The Big Existential Art Questions. Check out this episode!

Sam Alden

Sam Alden and Dan Berry talk about creative processes, work ethics, developing a style and all the associated guilt that goes along with making comics. Check out this episode! Also check out the Patreon campaign to help support more »

Box Brown

Box Brown and Dan Berry sit down to chat about the links between storytelling and wrestling, getting into drawing comics and the development of a style. Check out this episode!

Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler and Dan Berry talk about his work, staying busy, learning and what creativity is and how it works. Check out this episode!

Neill Cameron

Neill Cameron and Dan Berry talk about getting better at art, developing your taste, collaborative work and a walkabout in the outback. Check out this episode!

Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson and Dan Berry talk about his new book Angie Bongiolatti, his process and his thoughts on conventions. Check out this episode!

Garen Ewing

Garen Ewing and Dan Berry talk about the days before the internet, artistic insecurity, the deep pit of research, pacing a page of comics and believability vs realism. Check out this episode!

John Allison

John Allison and Dan Berry talk about his new book, multitasking and achieving the transcendent out of body state of zen drawing. Check out this episode!

Paul Duffield

Paul Duffield and Dan Berry talk about his process, visual literacy, his Patreon campaign for The Firelight Isle and of course a bodybuilding koala. Check out Paul drawing a page from The Firelight Isle on youtube. Click here to have more »

Patreon Funding

I’ve been exploring ways of trying to help pay for the podcast for a while now, so I’ve set up a Patreon page. Patreon is a relatively new site that helps people fund the creators more »

Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz and Dan Berry talk about the links money & creativity, alcoholism & comics and abandoned asylums & comics amongst other things. Julia is the author of The Fart Party vols 1 & 2, Drinking at the Movies more »